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The entrance of Papi kondalu can be seen from Koruturu (West Godavari District).The original name for this hill range was ‘Papidi Kondalu’. Papidi is a rough translation for partition in Telugu. Since this range looks like a well designed partition that splits river Godavari, this name was coined. There is also another idea that the range looks like a partition of a typical Indian Woman’s hair line. In due course, it settled for ‘Papi Kondalu’.Papikondalu Andhra Pradesh – “Papi kondalu” or the “Papi Hills” are series of mountain range that are located Rajahmundry in West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh.

Papikondalu Mountain range runs along River Godavari, one of the largest and vivacious rivers in India. The mighty river narrowing and passing with twists and turns along the Papi Hills is every visitor’s delight. Papikondalu mountain range spreads over a vast area, covering about three districts of East Godavari, West Godavari and Khammam Districts.To get the real essence of Papikondalu, one has to go for the boat journey either from Rajahmundry,Bhadachalamr. There are small motor boats with capacity of five including the rider or River Streamers carrying about fifty to sixty people. The journey takes about 8 hours and the adventure begins the moment you step on to the boat.

The ups and downs of the river water, the drifting sand, the cool breeze, small fish that can be spotted in the clean water and the fresh air from the Papikondalu Hills, give you one of the best experiences to travel.Come any season except summer, these hill ranges offer one of the best places to visit in AP in terms of scenic beauty animals, , bird species, which are found here.The flooding river (especially during rainy season- July to September) gives you a thrilling experience to travel. Sometimes the increased water level in the river makes the boat journey precarious. It is the skill and experience of the local sailors, who makes your journey most memorable.

There are several sights that fall on the way like Perantalapalli and Pattiseema that are must-see. Several tribal communities have made their dwellings on these hills whose main occupation is agriculture, fishing or handicrafts-making. If you are a real adventure lover with a group of more than five and not with elderly people, one of the fascinating things you can do is camp at the river side overnight.


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