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The coffee plantations and the mists hanging over it have made Araku Valley proud of its primary profession and as a result have grown in popularity, so much so that people from different places come to visit this hill resort for one glimpse of it. Not to mention the charm of nearby located Nature destination like Borra Caves lit by multi color lights; going inside them and witnessing the meticulous ways Nature works in delicate looking yet sturdy rock formations many meters beneath the earth surface. When the looks are that inviting who would want to resist Araku Valley tourism?

One of the most beautiful places in what is referred to as "Food Bowl of South India", Araku Valley is located some 120 Km from the coastal city of Vishakhapatnam which is also known as Vizag popularly. Locals from nearby cities like Vizag prefer the place for the convenience of reach as well as the non-commercialized appeal. The undefiled landscapes at around 3000 ft becalm the rushed senses with their elements of greenery, sounds, waterfalls, caves and the local people selling home-grown organic coffee.

Top Tourist Attractions in Araku Valley
Heard about hair pin bends on serpentine hill roads, villages and their simple residents, open fields with exquisitely verdant hint, water cascading from a high position? These are a sight to etch and an experience to engrave forever. Having Araku Valley tour is one way to do that. Have a look on what all waits there.


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