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Tenneti Park

Vuda Tenneti Beach Park is an urban park in Visakhapatnam. This park is located on the Beach Road in Jodugullapalem and looks out to the Bay of Bengal. Tenneti Park has been recently renovated for tourism purposes.

Tenneti Beach park was destroyed by cyclone Hudhud that flew through the city. Gitam Alumni of North America came together and donated around 60 lakh rupees to renovate the park. The park was thus renovated to international standards and the greenery along the coastline was restored to its former glory. This park is claimed to be the first children’s park in the city and is also known as one of the oldest parks in Visakhapatnam.

The park is named after Tenetti Viswanadham who is a well known political figure of Visakhapatnam and a freedom fighter. A statue of the politician was installed in the park premises, which can be seen as soon as you enter through the gate of Tenneti Beach Park.

Layout of Tenneti Beach Park
The quaint yellow gate past the parking lot shouldn’t confuse you about the huge expanse of the area within the park. The pathways lead into the park and head down towards the sea. The huge circular rock structure at the centre of the park adds to the charm of the place. There is a flight of stairs that lead down straight to the beach, where you can enjoy picturesque sunsets and strong waves from the beach of Tenneti Park.

This location has also been used for several Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Oriya film shoots. The beach is famous for being the most beautiful virgin beaches of India, surrounded by mountains on one side and the sea on the other. This is also an ideal place for photographers who want to click stunning landscape shots outdoors.

Things to do at Tenneti Beach Park
The main attraction of Tenneti Beach Park is a wonderful location and the ambience. View the crystal clear water of the sea from the park or stare at the lush green foliage and mountains around the park. Tourists can also make their way to the Kailasagiri Hills which are located just behind the park. You can also go for a toy train ride around the natural sceneries and jungles of the nearby hill.

You can also view the sunset or the sunrise from the top of the hill behind the park. The unique thing about the park is the isolation and tranquillity of the place. Most people visit the park just to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and to stroll along the park walkways to forget about their worries.

Entry Fee and Timings of Tenneti Beach Park
The park stays open from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on all days of the week.
There is no entry fee required to enter the park.

Best Time to Visit Tenneti Park
The beach is located by the coast of the Bay of Bengal, which makes the park experience a hot and humid climate. In the summer season, the temperatures in the area reach as high as forty-five degrees and sometimes more than that. The winters are comparatively much cooler ranging from around eighteen to thirty-two degree celsius.

The summers in the area are extremely hot, while the winters are much more pleasant. In the rainy season, the beach receives heavy rainfall which is averagely around a total of nine hundred and forty-five millimetres of rainfall every year. The winter season is the best time to visit the park, while in the summers you can go during the evening to enjoy the cool sea breeze and beat the summer heat.


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